An introduction word – Juan Re Crivello and Jorge Aldegunde

¡Sean todos bienvenidos!

Gobblers & Masticadores

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Masticadores is growing international: it already started so! As such, the initiative follows a glocal approach: global –by assembling authors from across the world: USA, Argentina, Spain, Mexico…– And local, inasmuch as so are their voices, topics and standpoints. Together with the various Masticadores blogs: MasticadoresEspaña, Mastegadorsdelletres, MasticadoresUSA, MasticadoresLatino, MasticadoresFocus, Masticadoresmalavida, MasticadoresEspacio, MasticadoresArgentina, the editorial branch –namely, Fleming– strive at remaining close to novel authors and writers; offering them the possibility to expand their potential and fulfil their dream of ever publishing their creations. Collectively, Masticadores and Fleming innovate in their approach to bridging the gap between creation and edition. To achieve this, it is key to maintain a live network of active authors that periodically produce differentiated content that is channelized through the existing blogs, with adequate segmentation. Juan Re, whose mind is always…

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