Upon writing by Jorge Aldegunde

I am sharing my views & feelings…Upon writing.

Gobblers & Masticadores

Many a time have I wondered what’s at the core of writing. I mean, what are the pre-requirements for a good story to see the light. If I was to deconstruct the foundation of any compelling piece of written material from an author’s standpoint, I’d certainly quote the following building blocks:

Having something to write about: this means, essentially, that the author possesses a gut feeling that a story is worth the while. Whether it is coming from his own or someone else’s real experience, or –instead– it is a product of the darkest dungeon within his imagination; it’s all about an inner belief that it is likely to have an impact, that it will reach out to the audience.

Having a desire to let it out: writing stuff is too personal. It means sharing, letting go and, inevitably, showing bits and pieces (however insignificant or not) off…

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