Got a lot to say (a memory of the untold)

¡Por un 2020 lleno de inspiración!

Gobblers & Masticadores

Juan re asked me to produce a letter to 2020 (originally, a writing exercise meant to be in Spanish I guess…). And I was like: how do I pitch it? Should I draw a list of hopes and wishes for 2020? Am I to show off on my achievements for this dying year? Would it be better to complain bitterly over this unfair and confusing world of ours? A truly daunting universe of choices which –knowing me– could easily end up blowing my mind and having me dive into sheer indolence.

But lo! I had a fit of pragmatism: let us keep it down to wasted literary efforts. Writing, they say, is about every day: reading, beholding, processing and then…putting down into words. But, there you go, that’s something I can’t afford. Being realistic: I don’t think I’ll ever be into writing 9 to 5. I can only spare some…

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