From my Corner (I) by Mel Gómez

Nice recollection!

Gobblers & Masticadores

The best memories of life are the ones coming from our childhood. The wonderful stage where you think everything is possible. When you close your eyes and your dreams come true. Time where you are safe in the strong arms of your father and loved in your mother’s. When you have, if you are lucky, everything that you need and desire. Your parents and family care, the games with your siblings and friends. Your school and beloved classmates, some of which become forever friends –brothers and sisters that life gives us–; others you’ll end up forgetting because life is like it is, and they take different roads. The teachers that you’ll remember, either by the interest they put into teaching you, or their beauty and tender touch, or simply because they can also bully you.

I went to the same Catholic School the first nine years of my scholar life…

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