A good writer by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

I am doing my utmost for my latest novel to become a hit from day zero: many a time have I read and edited pages here and there –refining the plot or slightly sharpening conversations–.

But there is one character that really stands out of the crowd: a foul, ruthless serial killer whose skills as an assassin would only match those required to get away with it without a scratch. It really made me proud that I could come up with so real a villain. It wasn’t without effort, if the truth be told.

A few minutes ago, the doorbell broke my concentration. The cops, once again. They came asking about the old lady from next door. What a sad story, though. All alone and neglected. It was but a matter of time that accidents should happen.

Nevertheless, I’ve spotted something different in the officer’s look. She seemed quite keen.

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