An appetizer… by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest


There was nothing that would put her off recognising her pets daily after coming back home from a long working day. Mishi, her Persian cat, was indolently poised on the couch. Burni, her noble, old, golden-haired Rough Collie, was also around sparing sidelong glances at Spark, the Russian dwarf hamster, that would stir restlessly and take to going round the wheel in his enormous cage. Karma (not surprisingly, a chameleon) would only stare, undaunted, from a camouflaged concealment only made easier by an over-expensive fake bough she had acquired to accommodate the animal’s instincts.

However, she was worried about her immense Albino Burmese python, the reason being her lack of appetite as of lately. All in all, she felt relaxed upon realising she hadn’t seen her irrelevant husband –who generally happened to be the last pet to be accounted for– for weeks. She gave it…

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