An unexpected host by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest


All the kids were showing their pets, and these were very conventional for the most part: little Steve had seen several breeds of dogs, large and small, a couple of elusive cats and even a green little frog with bulging eyes. In short: nothing too impressive. All in all, the science class was in an uproar, their teacher barely managing to ease the students’ excitement.

Soon it would be his turn. He checked his cardboard shoebox. He had carefully perforated it to make sure his creature would breathe. Jonesy, one of his best friends, came around and said:

“What have you got in there, Mark? Won’t you show us?”

Which proved enough to draw some attention, including the teacher’s. Steve felt that the long-awaited moment was finally come.

“Well…I’ve never seen something like this before”, he said. “Looks like a reptile, but I’ve failed to…

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