Gods by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

It was no longer a living planet, albeit the oblate spheroid, slightly flattened at the poles, would shine quite as new. It was full of a magnificent blue and he loved the white spirals that ornamented its surface here and there. He wondered, though, what it would feel like to breathe that air. Then, he rushed over to Supreme Light, eager to unveil his prospects.

‘Why would we breathe life to that place again?’ uttered the deity. ‘Your theory about the dominant species proved wrong. Those wretches insensibly annihilated themselves. And they almost ruined the planet.’

‘It won’t happen again. I shall live with them.’

‘I’ll think it through. Now, go.’


‘He’s far too young and reckless,’ he murmured.

Out of an old shelf, he produced a worn-out book. It told the story of a Jesus of Nazareth. Only then, he recalled.


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