Rag dolls by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest


She wouldn’t seem to get it over with. Instead, he had moved on rather painlessly and started a new life with an attractive young lady.

Enraged and resolved to act, she planned an encounter. Finally, she ran into him upon leaving their favourite club on a dark moonless night. They barely touched one another, albeit that proved enough. She did her best to put up with his frozen look and the sneer of that voluptous woman. Then she left, her eyes full of water, whilst she clenched her fists and kept a valuable booty in her hands.

Later, she attached his black hair to the old puppet, and nailed a thousand needles from her sewing box. Then she waited.


The two lovers were reaching climax. She trembled, inebriated with pleasure, while he felt pierced by countless knives.


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