La boda

Fotografía: Ovidio Aldegunde –Ese no es nuestro estilo de familia –tercié–. Nosotros somos alegres y bullangueros. Créeme: no habrá mejor ocasión. *** Sobre las tres de la mañana y mi abuelo Cosme no pierde ripio con sus relatos gastronómicos. Mi tío Juan nos ha hecho posar no pocas veces para inmortalizar la singular reunión familiar. … Sigue leyendo La boda

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The heir by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

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Those fools keep stalking me. I fear they find out where I live and show up at my place to sniff around with their lofty noses. They are but a bunch of spoiled, greedy kids who failed to make a living by themselves and resorted to their rich mum when in trouble –only too often–. Poor old Mrs. Schmidt was so unfortunate. She only had herself to raise her children, but the mean streets posed too great a challenge: they got lost along the way.

I started working for her when she was already grey and old. By that time, her vital strength would slowly –yet inexorably– abandon her. I always treated her with respect. When I was done with homely chores, she would sit in her settee, knit with her worn-out needles, and tell stories of bygone times. At some point, she somehow realised she…

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