Changing times by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest


The search for the mysterious lady of the ball dance extended beyond faraway lands, resulting in many a surprise. The king’s counsellors brought in a she-ogre found in a remote place –known by few adventurers by the size of mosquitoes and the reek of its stagnant waters–. Her bare feet were rough beyond imaginable, featuring countless corns, toe calluses, hideous warts, blackish nails and scanty wire-looking hair that would grow randomly here and there up her insteps. However, magic can show even in most strange circumstances: the greenish creature produced an enchanted shoehorn out of a worn-out bag and, with outmost determination, fitted the delicate glass boots into her monstrous limbs.

The prince, who witnessed the scene with wonder, began to look upset.

“Whatever happened to the fairy tale?”, he murmured.


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