An exorcism by Jorge Aldegunde

Evil within…

Gobblers & Masticadores

The priest commanded me to get her foul body out of the premises when done. He also made the point that the process should occur in the dead of night, when there’s no soul at the church.

The night was long, tough. There was barely anything left off what once was an innocent girl full of life. Her beautiful smile had become a scornful and obscene grimace, only showing corruption. Her dark eyes were but an open door to doom upon which I, insensibly, dared to look.

I left her by the gates, soon before dawn. Worn-out and confused, I wandered in uneasy sleep, where a legion of a thousand voices would yell. I woke up anguished, eager to embrace darkness.


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Sufriendo lo indecible por amor forjó su leyenda de poeta. Su pluma alumbró versos bellísimos y desgarradores; las musas se mostraban benévolas con él. Cuando por fin se decidió a conocerla, todo fue muy rápido: noviazgo y boda fulgurante. Desde entonces viven felizmente casados. Hubo de cambiar, eso sí, su registro literario: desde aquel “sí … Sigue leyendo Románticos

In the dark by Jorge Aldegunde

A micro-dystopia…

Gobblers & Masticadores

A cold, pale dawn greeted us. There was no one else left in the city: streets showed scattered cyborgs that were but hi-tech waste after the latest electromagnetic pulse from and old, fading sun.

The human tide seemed endless. We walked slowly, confused and downhearted. A deafening silence would reign –nobody was in a mood to talk–.

I noticed a girl whispering softly to an old man:

–What are we doing, grandpa, now that the light is coming to an end?

He stared at her from a pair of wrinkled eyes full of wisdom.

–The light as we know it is long gone. Today a new one is born. And we’ll learn to appreciate it.


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