Got a lot to say (a memory of the untold)

¡Por un 2020 lleno de inspiración!

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

Juan re asked me to produce a letter to 2020 (originally, a writing exercise meant to be in Spanish I guess…). And I was like: how do I pitch it? Should I draw a list of hopes and wishes for 2020? Am I to show off on my achievements for this dying year? Would it be better to complain bitterly over this unfair and confusing world of ours? A truly daunting universe of choices which –knowing me– could easily end up blowing my mind and having me dive into sheer indolence.

But lo! I had a fit of pragmatism: let us keep it down to wasted literary efforts. Writing, they say, is about every day: reading, beholding, processing and then…putting down into words. But, there you go, that’s something I can’t afford. Being realistic: I don’t think I’ll ever be into writing 9 to 5. I can only spare some…

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Tiempo de recuento (crónica del año que se va)

Como hiciera hace un año, aprovecho esta entrada para dar un repaso a las historias, relatos y cuentos que han forjado este 2019 cuyo tiempo se acaba. Suyos son: que los disfruten. Comencé el periplo literario con el recuerdo a una tregua de Navidad. La misma que, dicho sea de paso, bien podríamos postular para … Sigue leyendo Tiempo de recuento (crónica del año que se va)

Noir by Jorge Aldegunde

Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello

Everyone’s going mad at the publisher. Even Gabriela called –a sign that it’s getting bloody serious–. I’m not surprised though. As of lately, my business is more about performing vanishing tricks, rather than writing. I’ve put up countless excuses to cancel catch-up meetings just to buy some time. I’ve spent all my savings and three advances on pomp and, sadly, I still owe them a draft of my novel. May I clarify: there is no such paper –and it is not expected–.

So what if I’m finished? At least, I have experienced the sweet smell of success. I owe it all to Officer Gutiérrez, a coarse, worldly and sagacious cop. A sort of local hero promoted to the top detectives’ league. Who would have thought he’d connect with so many readers? It has provided me with enough literature for two entire books –selling extremely well–; an unbeatable apotheosis of the…

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