From my Corner (II) by Mel Gómez

And here’s the second part of these memories…

Gobblers & Masticadores

Last time I had to face the corner wall was in second grade. I was wearing school full-dress uniform; it was white with long sleeves, sky-blue buttons, and a hat like the one the Pope uses. My teacher was pregnant, I was talking —as always—, and she called me by my name. “Go to the corner facing the wall”, she said. I was used to being there, so I went. It was a hot Caribbean day, and that uniform did not help. I started to feel dizzy, then I turned and started vomiting. The teacher looked at me so surprised, and sent me to the restroom, but before she finished the sentence, she started vomiting as well. I felt sick but more than that, humiliated. The times in the corner facing the wall would break my day. Then, teachers had to be more creative for my time-out. Sometimes they asked…

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