Night shift by Jorge Aldegunde

Things happen overnight…

Gobblers & Masticadores


My trains of thought were lost in faraway constellations –counting sheep is too commonplace even for me–. I’d imbibed litres of coffee but, truth be told, those watches were always so tedious: nothing would ever happen.

In my uneasy dreams, a guy gave me the slip making his way through worn-out doors that would close behind him by means of some dark wizardry. Upon reaching the last one, a shrill sound bewilders me.

I open my eyelids; the screen in front of me pours millions of data and shows an onerous flashing red light. The ground starts to shake. I can see a tall mountain vomiting fire amid dense smoke.

“Stand by”, rings out a metallic voice off the command post. “It’s only the end of the world”.



Picture taken from Pinterest: Mellow Narrative Illustration by Jeff Östberg

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